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10 of the Best Bars & Restaurant To Impress the Ladies

Impress the Ladies

10 Of The Best Bars & Restaurants To Impress the Ladies


Imagine knowing the winning formula to impressing the ladies. Well I’ll give you a snippet of insider knowledge, only known to an initiated few. Firstly, you will always win if you show interest in what she is saying, and offer thoughtful responses. Try to genuinely understand her emotions and give importance to her feelings. Another good panty dropper is, always appreciate her and pay attention to the little things about her that make her unique.
Additionally, compliment her honestly and sincerely without overdoing it. It is worth knowing that it is never ok to objectify or stereotype her. Furthermore, chivalry is definitely not dead, and still goes a long way, but treating her like she’s helpless or lesser is never attractive.

Finally, have self-confidence. It’s a quality that not only women, but all people find attractive. It signifies that you’re secure in your own self and have a positive outlook on life. However, we all know it’s not sensible to confuse confidence with arrogance. With all that being said, below is a neat list of our top Restaurants and Bars that are sure to wow your companion. And ultimately, get you the panty dropping moments you deserve.

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