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Soho House

Soho House

For insiders only

Soho House is more than just a high-end members’ club. It is a world where the most successful individuals in art, fashion, film, music, and literature convene to create and celebrate their masterpieces. Every day brings another event, whether it be a gorgeous model taking part in a photoshoot. Or, a private party filled with glitz and glamour, or mysterious parties reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s famous film, Eyes Wide Shut.

Hidden Gem

In addition, with every corner turned, there’s an opportunity for a new adventure or a naughty liaison. An evening could start in the luxurious confines of their private bar sipping bespoke cocktails, segue into an elegant dinner with associates from the industry, and culminate in an unexpected, thrilling escapade.

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Member Only

Fortunately we are those privileged enough to be part of this unique and dynamic community, it is never just about enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. It’s about immersing ourselves in a stimulating environment that nurtures creativity, fosters connections, and brings out the best in us.

Shhh it’s a Secret!

However, we have an unspoken rule that you don’t share what happens inside Soho House with the outside world. The mystique and allure of the club is maintained by the veil of privacy. It is enveloped, shielding its members from the prying eyes of the public. Therefore, for this reason, we are bound by our commitment to preserve the house’s discretion. Nonetheless, rest assured, it is truly a place where fantasies come to life.

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