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Are Our Client’s Married or Single?

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Big Question: Are they Married or Single?

Well let talk about it! For the most part, men are looking for companionship and love in a woman. Still the specifics can vary significantly depending on individual preferences and cultural norms. Some men value physical attractiveness and appearance. While others place a greater emphasis on intelligence or personality. Many are also looking for women who share their values and interests, or who can support and encourage their personal goals and ambitions.

Our client base

As for our client base, we find that the majority of middle aged men who utilize our service are not married. This may be somewhat surprising given societal stereotypes about marriage and age. Instead, they are often divorced or single and are looking for companionship, whether it’s someone to share a meal with or a potential life partner. It’s a demographic that we are committed to serving and providing with the best possible support.


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Married men are less likely to seek companionship

Furthermore, while it’s often assumed that married men are less likely to seek companionship or a partner. Our statistics indicate otherwise. Many of our married clients are not necessarily unhappy in their relationships, but seek a broader social circle, emotional support. Or a chance to reconnect with people after their kids leave home or a life change. So whether they are married or single, we are here to help all men find what they are looking for in a woman.

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