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Shower Time.

Shower Time With A Horny Escort Girl – Escorts Erotica Blog

Emily the 21 year old blonde London escort worked in the Chelsea region of the city, and Chelsea escorts had long been renowned for being excessively dirty. This wasn’t a bad thing for a client, but it kind of got in the way if you were a London escort girl and you were expected to do certain things that you weren’t too comfortable with. Emily was quite new at the time; she was enjoying her new career, but still had a lot to learn about it.

Emily was an in-call and an outcall escort, but she preferred going out to meet people above all else. Having not been in the city for long, she knew that the best way to get to know a place and the people who frequent it was to get out and about; and her London escort gig certainly got her out and about. Chelsea was a wonderful area to be around and there were so many high flyers that she was never short of things to do and people to visit. Everyone she met treated her with the utmost respect and spoiled her rotten.

One Wednesday evening she went to meet someone at a nearby hotel. His name was Edgar and he was in town from the States on business. She had never really spent much time with a guy from the States so she was a little nervous. When she was getting ready in the evening she got herself really quite excited; in fact she got a little over excited. Escorting was something that really made Emily horny, and on this particular evening she came over particularly horny in the shower when she was thinking about that initial meeting at her guy’s hotel room.

She soaped her body from top to bottom in the shower, and everywhere she seemed to touch came alive with a feeling of absolute ecstasy. She’d never before had these feelings from merely touching her toes and massaging her own feet in the shower, but as she touched them this time she could feel her pussy start to stir and tingle like it wanted to be touched too; almost as though it was calling out in a jealous rage for her attention.

She moved her hands up her legs slowly and watched all the soap slip down between her toes and drip onto the floor of the shower. She loved the feeling of hot water running over her body, in particular when she bent over to rub her feet and she could fell the water gathering on the back of her head only to tumble uncontrollably over her face and dribble from her chin and cheekbones. The shower was a definite bonus for her and she always spent more time in it than she actually needed to.

Eventually her hands moved around her thighs and her ass and the soap was running a little low. She grabbed the bar and rubbed it gently between her ass cheeks allowing the soap to lather and cause another torrent of suds to fall to the floor of the shower and cover her toes. Rubbing the soap around her asshole made her feel hot and she contemplated shoving the bar into herself just to feel it slipping in and out for a brief moment or two. She refrained from doing it but left enough soap on her ass for her to work her fingers around her hole. She moved her other hands around to her delicately trimmed pussy and sank two of her soapy fingers deep into herself with a shudder. With one hand around her ass and the other in her pussy, Emily very nearly lost her balance. She stumbled against the glass doors of the shower, and has anyone been so lucky as to be standing outside the shower looking in would have had a glorious site to behold as her tits pressed against the glass and spread out.

When her boobs spread onto the glass surface of the shower door it felt cold, and the contrast between the wet and warm sensations she had between her legs and the cold shock from the glass, made her shudder with the shock and fully appreciate just how warm the shower actually was. She quickly pulled herself straight and allowed the water to run over her cold boobs. Her nipples were nice and hard now and she tweaked them between her fingers as they warmed up. She felt her legs go weak as she did this and pushed her other hand even harder against her pussy. She was pretty close to having an orgasm and required only a little more time and tensing of her leg muscles to make herself come.

It was then, in the shower that she fantasised about what Edgar would be like and she drew a mental picture of him in her head and materialised him in the shower with her. He was tall and slim, slightly muscular but not too much (she hated muscle men). He had dark hair, but it was greying ever so slightly around the edges and he had a beard that was almost ginger in colour; completely different from this head. Why she could be so clear about this guy was unknown to her, but because she visualised him being completely naked she was having a lot of fun conjuring him. He had a lovely big cock and as he stood in front of her it just hung there motionless, not even twitching at the sight of her. She took offence at this and grabbed a hold of it to jerk it off while she played with her pussy. Before long it was as hard as an iron bar and ready to do anything she wished.

What she wanted more than anything right now as she approached her orgasm was to be fucked real nice from behind. She imagined that Edgar turned her around and pushed her against the cold glass doors so her boobs were all spread out and cold again. His cock entered her pussy like a battering ram and made her gasp out loud. He shoved his huge tool into her pussy only five times before she came and nearly collapsed to the floor of the shower.

She opened her eyes and revived herself from her very vivid fantasy. She rubbed the glass door of the shower and peered out at the clock; it was getting late, and she would be late if she didn’t get moving soon. Within an hour she was out, dried off, dressed to kill and ready for Edgar. Within twenty more minutes she was standing at his hotel room door. The anticipation was making her pussy all wet again; she hoped she would get a lot of action from this guy.

When the door opened Edgar was freakishly presented to her in exactly the same was as her fantasy had painted him; he even had a towel around his body as though he had just had, or was just about to take, a shower. Could this be real? Thought Emily to herself briefly. Edgar even had the same slightly greying hair and gingery kind of beard. She froze and said nothing.

“So are you room service, or are you who I was expecting?” Asked Edgar in a deep and sexy voice.

“Oh, I think you’re expecting me,” replied Emily, “have we met before?”

“No, I don’t think so, perhaps in our dreams,” he replied. He had no idea how much that reply freaked Emily right out.

She entered the room and watched him turn his back and walk over to a bar in the corner of his room. He looked great in his towel and his body was just as she’d imagined. She couldn’t wait to see his cock, if only to see if it matched the vision she’d had in the shower; and if it performed as well as her fantasy has fictionalised then she was certainly in for a good time. This was all getting a little too “X files” for her liking in many respects, but she couldn’t help the way it was making her feel. He pussy was so wet and bursting to get out and introduce herself to this hot guy in front of her.

“So, I’m just about to have a shower, you wanna join me?” Asked Edgar in his deep American drawl.

This was amazing, she just knew she was going to walk into the bathroom with this guy and be transported back to her own flat or something equally as weird. What could she do other than go along with it? She simply had to see what this cock looked like.

“Sure, I’ll be right there, you go ahead,” she replied as she threw her bag down on the table.

He left the room and she quickly stripped down to her underwear. She thought she make things extra special and as different as she could from her fantasy by keeping on her panties and bra. She was wearing a black thong and a matching lacy bra. She entered the bathroom and saw him in the shower behind the glass doors. The room was nothing like hers at home but she couldn’t help thinking that the shower was pretty similar. She couldn’t quite see his cock from outside the cubicle so she opened the door and entered. The first thing she noticed was how nice his deep voice sounded in the echo of the shower.

“WOW! Nice touch, underwear in the shower, I like it. You wanna turn around and let me take a look at you,” he said as he turned around fully and gave her a good look at his cock. It was as she had imagined it would be – fucking huge.

“Nice cock!” She said as she took a hold of it and felt it begin to harden in her hand.

She turned around and felt him lift her panties to one side and then with a thrust that could have pushed her through the glass doors she felt him enter her hard and fast. He pushed hard at her delicate little pussy and within a few minutes he had her coming just like she did in the shower before she left.

“Cum for me babe, all over my back,” she called out to him in encouragement, “do it for me honey, do it now!”

She didn’t have to wait too long for her wish to come true. This was the only part of her fantasy that she hadn’t fully experienced and just at the last moment she decided to turn around and take her man’s cumshot on the face instead. He delighted in this off course and he started to spurt out his spunk as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Edgar’s cum mixed with the flow of water over Emily’s face and she watched it drip to the floor and through the whole in the base of the shower. Edgar shuddered and rubbed her head as he let the last drop fall. Emily took hold of Edgar’s cock and sucked it gently to get all the cum out and then grabbed hold of the soap and washed it as she felt it twitch violently in her hand as though it didn’t want cleaning.

She couldn’t believe that her fantasy had been so accurate up until the end and from then on she always tried to get a long shower before she went out to visit someone in their hotel. Perhaps being an escort in Chelsea was as much a psychic experience as it was just plain dirty!

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