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Loving Her Job.

Loving Her Job.

My name is Charlotte and I’m a London escort girl working in the Earl’s Court area of London. I love my job, and I love the people I meet on a day to day basis. Some of the guys who book me treat me like a queen; they wine and dine me until I virtually swoon and fall into their arms (and of course this is usually when I have the most fun of all!) They often say, this girl is loving her job and it’s true.

Whatever they say about being an escort girl, it’s certainly never the same. I could tell you a number of different tales about what I get up to when I’m at work, and several really naughty ones that happen at home too (but those are for another day). However I want to tell you about a couple of guys I met last week called Paul and Eric.

These two high rollers had me come to their hotel, not far from Earl’s Court; I don’t mind travelling a little out of my way sometimes, particularly when, it’s this type of thing! It wasn’t a hotel I’d visited in the past strangely enough; I’ve visited virtually every hotel in the area at one point or other, and several others in London. It was very swanky and posh. I walked into the lobby and found my way to the bar for a quick drink before I introduced myself to the guys, I was due to meet.

Now, I am a particularly horny bitch and the only reason I became a London escort was to get as much cock as I could. I’ve had lots of cock in my time and I’ve had some great times, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to encounter when I got to the guys’ room. I had a stiff drink and thought about the stiff dicks, I was no doubt about to get upstairs, then headed for the lift.

When I arrived outside their door I adjusted my tits in my low cut evening dress, just so they were hanging out tastefully enough to turn someone on but not look too slutty; some guys love the slut look and others really don’t (you wouldn’t believe it!) I knocked and waited for a reply. I heard some laughing from the other side of the door and thought for a moment that they weren’t going to answer, and that they were probably having a good laugh, looking through the spy hole on the room door. This wouldn’t be the first time it had happened to a London escort girl and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. I was about to walk away when the door finally opened.

“Hi, I’m Charlotte,” I said in my warmest, friendliest voice. It was often wise not to sound too sexy if the guy was having second thoughts about you. I often find that sounding friendly as though I was there at their room to sell them some Avon products worked because it put them at ease and turned them back into the predator and the one in control of the situation; all men loved a naive, submissive girl and this was a part I played excellently!

“Erm…,” began a stuttering voice, “come in Charlotte, I’m Eric.” He turned around as I walked past him, “and this is Paul,” he said pointing at the other guy sitting on the edge of the bed with what looked like a large scotch on the rocks in his hand. It was clear that these guys were nervous and I would need to put them at ease.

“Would you mind if I sat down boys,” I asked innocently, “my legs are awfully tired.” I sat without being invited on a chair in the corner of the room and rubbed the backs of my legs, letting them both see me lift my skirt ever so slightly so I showed them my silk stockings. I massaged my legs for what seemed like an age before one of them spoke to me; I was beginning to feel a little freaked out.

“You have lovely legs,” said Paul from the edge of the bed. He leaned forward and put his glass on the table and sat back down again.

“Well, thank you Paul,” I said laughing, “that’s very kind of you, do you like long sexy legs?” This was as forward as I was willing to go at this stage, I didn’t want to scare either of them off yet; and besides they both still looked a little like frightened rabbits caught in the headlamps of a juggernaut!

Eventually, and despite the frightened look on their faces, I decided to move forward with the action a little, I was beginning to feel really horny and I’d be waiting forever for these guys to fuck me unless I made a move myself. I’d gone to a certain amount of trouble to get ready for this night too, I’d been out to Ann Summers and bought myself a brand new black basque and a new pair of lace top silk stockings to go with it. I loved wearing stockings and seeing the effect it had on my man’s face when I revealed them.

This is what I did next, and with one flick of my wrist my little red evening dress fell to the floor revealing my body beneath, all wrapped up like a belated Christmas gift in its silk and lace. Eric and Paul didn’t move a muscle, although I could see that Paul was having a little party in his pants, even from across the room. In fact when I took a second look his cock looked absolutely huge in his trousers.

“Well,” I said, “are we going to get the weapons out boys and let me have a look at them?”

Without much hesitation Eric and Paul stripped themselves down to their shorts. They stopped there and turned to me with a smile on their faces.

“Are you ready?” they asked cryptically. “You might want to stand back a little.”

They both pulled down their shorts and allowed the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen in my life to spring out into action. I mean it when I say it too! These things must have been 12inches plus! My jaw dropped to the floor, which is incidentally what I virtually had to do to get them in. I was shocked but determined to service these two monsters so I dropped to my knees and took hold of them both in each hand. They felt enormously thick and very hard; in fact they hardened even more as I squeezed them. I was beginning to think that this might be a little too much for me.

I looked up at the two of them grinning down on me and I scooped my pretty tits out the top of my basque and let the boys marvel at them. Eric stooped down to touch them and tweak the nipples and Paul just nudged his cock a little nearer to my mouth; it was clear what he wanted.

“Well, I’ll try,” I said, “but I’m not sure how much of this trouser snake I’m going to get in to be honest.” With that I took a big mouthful of his cock and stuck it right to the back of my throat. I nearly gagged on it initially, but when I relaxed my mouth and throat around it everything seemed a little easier. It was nice in many respects because I could get both my hands around his cock as well as a great load of it in my mouth too. Eric moved to the back of me and pushed me forward so he could pull down my little black thong; it was also quite clear what he wanted!

I slowly wanked Paul’s cock into my mouth and moved my lips back and forth on it until my jaw ached with the effort. At this moment I felt Eric’s massive member prodding at my pussy waiting to get inside. I was certainly wet enough for any ordinary sized dick to slide straight in there, but when it came to Eric’s insatiable animal things were a little different. I had to wrench my mouth from around Paul’s member just to tell Eric to push it in nice and easy. As he entered me it felt as though I was being made into a kebab, and as Eric reached the point at which I am comfortable with something shoved in my pussy I had to kick back with my legs to indicate that it was enough. He was a good boy and he kept to that safe distance, only slipping a little now and then; making me gasp like I’d been harpooned!

I came like this quite quickly and made things even slippier for Eric’s massive cock. When he started to go too far a little too often I backed him off and took both their cocks in my hands and jerked them. My jaw ached like mad and my pussy was tingling with an almost numbness I couldn’t quite describe. I was as horny as hell, but I couldn’t take any more of this cock!

“Let’s see if you can both get it on my face,” I said, knowing full well that this is a sure fire way of getting any man to cum quicker than he usually would. Besides, I’d had my orgasm, and one was usually all I expected to get, and I had the whole rest of the night to have fun elsewhere. I just couldn’t get any more of this cock inside me. One of them would have been enough, but two! Anyway, Paul insisted he wanted to fuck me first and he wanted me to go on top. There was no way I wanted Eric’s cock in my mouth though, I’d felt it in my pussy and I was pretty sure he’d break my jaw if he pushed it in my mouth.

Eventually I managed to persuade Eric to fuck my titties while I rode on top of his friend’s cock. It was a good job I had some thick heels on so that I could balance properly on the hotel room floor as I bobbed up and down on Paul’s massive cock, I don’t think I’d have survived if I’d slipped! It felt fucking amazing to tell the truth and I actually came again just before Paul pushed me off and aimed his cock at my tits.

Eric was a little surprised at Paul’s sudden movement, but it was clear that he was just about as close as his friend was to shooting his load. They both aimed at my boobs and unloaded almost together, coating me in thick jizz. It smelled fresh and I loved watching it all drip from my nipples onto the hotel room carpet. They both looked completely spent. With that I wiped myself on one of their shirts and got my clothes on.

As I left their room that night I swear I couldn’t walk straight. I went straight home to bed after those guys. I’ll have to get measurements the next time I’m due to meet someone.

We hope you enjoyed that read. We love a bit of naughty talk, so if this is your type of thing. Then you’ll be pleased to know, we have lots more hot and horny stuff for you in our Erotica Blog

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