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Cintia, Emily & Ally Discuss Hard Sports

Escorts Discuss Hard Sports

Erotic hard sports fetish is a taboo sexual fantasy that involves faeces play. This may include activities such as scat play, coprophilia, or toilet training. While it may seem extreme and unappealing to some, there are individuals who are highly aroused by this type of play. Bunny’s of London Escorts is a reputable agency that offers this service, and today we have the pleasure of discussing this topic with Cintia and Emily, two of their companions who are experienced in providing this service. They will be joined by Ally, another companion from the agency who is very open-minded but has reservations about engaging in this type of play.

Cintia and Emily, both confident and unapologetic about their involvement in this fetish, share their experiences and stories with us. They explain that while it may seem unconventional and even gross to some, it is a highly sought after service by their clients. They emphasize the importance of setting boundaries and communicating openly with clients to ensure a safe and consensual experience. Cintia, who has been providing this service for years, shares that she has never had any negative experiences and that her clients are always respectful and understanding of her boundaries.

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Emily, who is relatively new to this type of play, talks about how she was initially hesitant but decided to give it a try after researching and educating herself on the subject. She shares that she has found it to be a very intimate and pleasurable experience for both herself and her clients. She also stresses the importance of proper hygiene and safety precautions, which are always a top priority for both herself and the agency.

Ally, who is not comfortable with providing this service, speaks candidly about her reservations. She explains that while she respects the choices of her colleagues and clients, she personally cannot engage in this type of play. She shares that she has a strong aversion to faeces and it is a hard limit for her. However, she also acknowledges that everyone has their own boundaries and it is important to respect them.

The discussion continues with Cintia and Emily sharing some of their most memorable experiences with this fetish. They talk about how they have been able to fulfill their clients’ fantasies and provide an unforgettable and pleasurable experience for them. They also stress the importance of being non-judgmental and creating a safe and welcoming space for clients to explore their desires.

In conclusion, the topic of erotic hard sports fetish may be controversial and not for everyone, but it is a valid and sought after service in the adult industry. Cintia and Emily, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, have shed light on this taboo topic and have shown that it can be a consensual, safe, and enjoyable experience for all involved. Ally, with her honesty and openness, has shown that it is important to respect everyone’s boundaries and make informed decisions about what we are comfortable with. Bunny’s of London Escorts provides a platform for individuals to explore their fantasies and desires in a safe and respectful environment.

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