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What A Day

Such lovely big tits. I couldn’t believe my luck. I looked at him, his hand still on her lips, but now it’s moving lower, under, her breasts, slowly. It was almost as if he wanted me to kiss her. The thought of it brought a blush to her face. Her nipples were hard and hardening, like a pair of little pokers, as he leaned in closer, so his mouth now was only inches away from her nipples. They were already hard, it didn’t take much to get them to go even harder . He was so good. So damn good to be with her and I could tell he loved her but he didn’t stop there. With a quick kiss he moved his lips to my ear. ‘You have to stop that, she whispered. My eyes flew to his. What the hell was he saying? He kissed my neck. And then he kissed the inside of me, my belly. Then his tongue slid in my pussy. Wow, what a day.

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