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Ruby and the Boys

Ruby and the Boys Fun time

Ruby was enormously proud of her figure, and quite rightly so, she was had a lovely 36DD, 26, 36 shape that got her a lot of attention wherever she went. Ruby loved escorting, it seemed the only job in the world where she could do something she loved doing and make money at the same time. Ruby was very good at her job, and she was forever in demand.

On one particular Saturday evening, not too long ago she went to a hotel in the Paddington area of London in order to service a client of hers she’d had in the past. She remembered him to be a particularly attentive guy who didn’t care how much money he spent on things like dinner, champagne and various other indulgencies. This time however he had invited two of his closest friends to enjoy Ruby’s company too. She was fine with this; in fact she often looked forward to bookings like this a lot more than any other. You see Ruby was enormously highly sexed, and when she wasn’t screwing guys she was usually playing with herself. It wasn’t unheard of for Ruby to be warming herself up in the back of the car on the way to her next client’s hotel; she was virtually insatiable.

When she arrived at the hotel she met her regular client in the bar and shared a few drinks with him. For the purposes of this story we’ll call him Joe. Joe was very pleased to see Ruby, she could tell by the huge lump he took no lengths to disguise in his trousers. Joe liked to make it quite clear to everyone he had a large cock, and it made Ruby laugh when people would walk past them and Joe would thrust his crotch out for them to take a good look as his hard on!

“For Christ’s sake Joe!” Said Ruby, laughing out loud as an elderly woman walked past with her mouth wide open, looking directly at Joe’s bulge.

“Have you missed me,” he replied.

“Well, I have to say that it’s been quiet without you for a while,” said Ruby through a wry smile, batting her eyelids over her deep and sexy brown eyes, “who are these other studs you’ve got lined up for me honey?”

She immediately got a sense of excitement when she asked the question and felt a pleasant pulsing in her panties at the thought of three guys stripped naked in front of her. She often thought about having more men, this way she was always pretty much guaranteed to reach an orgasm too, which wasn’t always easy in her line of work, especially when there was only one guy!

“Paul and Stuart,” replied Joe, “they’re here with me on a business trip. Well that’s what they’ve told their wives!”

It never bothered Ruby that many of her male clients had wives waiting for them at home. She even saw it as doing the wives a service sometime; particularly when the guys wanted all manner of things doing for them in the bedroom. Besides, Ruby was very highly sexed and there was no wearing her out.

“Shall we go upstairs then?” She asked, “are they waiting for me?”

“No, they’re not here yet, but we could fool around a little if you like,” said Joe. She did want to fool around, and she was dying to get her hands on that trouser snake again. She remembered the last time she’d had her hands on it; it had taken her a lot of muscle power and both hands to simply jerk him off last time.

They took a walk to the lift and she could feel Joe checking her out from behind. She had on a short red dress that made her ass look truly splendid as she walked. She knew it wouldn’t only be Joe watching her walk so she put on an extra special wiggle for all the other spectators. Joe laughed from behind her and she felt him grab her ass and slide his fingers right underneath where her ass cheeks ended and her thighs began.

When they entered the lift he charged at her like a bull and shoved his hand into the top of her dress to scoop out her heavy boobs. He got one of them out and fondled it quickly and roughly while he kissed her deep on her matching red lips. She was enormously wet and ready for him even then but she decided to keep the pressure on and she pushed him away just as the lift rang its bell. She put her boobs away and exited the lift.

“You’ll have to wait young man!” She reprimanded him as he followed her out like a loyal lap dog. However, he looked a little awkward walking with a raging stiffy in his trousers. “We better get you inside and sort that out,” said Ruby as she pointed at his cock. She saw it give a little twitch as she said the words, and with that Joe took her hand and led her to his room.

When they entered Joe pushed Ruby to her knees and unleashed his cock in her face.
“Hey, I hope he’s clean!” She said quickly.

“Sure he is,” laughed Joe, reaching for a packet of tissues, “but if you’re not sure you can clean him a little.”

Ruby reached into her purse and pulled out a small packet of wipes. She grabbed Joe’s cock and gave it a quick run over and then plunged it’s thickness into her mouth. She could feel Joe’s eyes on her as she wrapped her thick red lips around his shaft. To begin with she just held it there in between her lips, playing with the end of it inside her mouth by flicking her tongue over it. Joe was really enjoying himself and she could tell by the way he moaned and the way his cock twitched around her mouth. Suddenly she pulled it out.

“It’s still as big as I remember Joe,” she said, “wasn’t that the door?”

“I don’t know, but they could have got their timing better than this!” he said crossly. He walked over to the door with his cock still out, sticking right out in front of him like a warning to all who would come too close. He opened it wide.

“Jesus Joe!” shouted a voice from the entrance. Ruby heard another voice too and then a lot of laughter. She decided she may as well begin to get out of her dress, she didn’t see the point in it and she had no desire to get it all filthy and creased; when the boys begin to play they can often get a little too excited, she remembered.

They all entered the room and they were greeted by Ruby standing in only a pair of red g-string panties and a smile. She walked over to the two new guys and gave them each a peck on the cheek. They both started to get undressed, as did Joe; they were all very fast, and in no time at all everyone was naked except Ruby who kept her panties on. She stood back and admired the view.

The other two weren’t as big as Joe but they were certainly well enough endowed to show her a good time. She got onto her knees and took the two new guys in each hand. She jerked them off slow and firm and as she started to do this Joe pushed his way in between the two of them and rammed his cock in Ruby’s mouth again. He moaned as she took it as far as she could.

Then she started something she wished she hadn’t. She took Joe’s cock out her mouth and put one of the other guy’s in, and she jerked Joe’s cock instead. She took turns on each of their cocks for a while, but eventually she simply found that despite having the two remaining cocks in her hand they still managed to keep prodding at her face in order to get some mouth action. Eventually she gave up and moved over to the bed.

Joe was the first to plunge into her waiting pussy. She was so wet and easy to enter, and even Joe didn’t have a problem. She directed one of the other guys to come around the front so she could suck his cock. There was a little bit of a scuffle about who was going to get their cock in her mouth, but it didn’t take long because she instructed Joe to get on his back and enter her pussy while the spare cock got to fuck her in the ass. This was how she liked it with three guys, one in each hole. She could have managed a couple with her hands too if they’d have been any more there, but she was satisfied for the meantime. It felt enormously sexy to have three cocks entering her body at the same time, and no matter how often she experienced it, it always felt better than the last time.

Her first orgasm ripped through her body like a storm and she almost collapsed. If it wasn’t for the two cocks in the lower part of her body she would have surely fallen off the bed, but as it happens she simply went to new heights of pleasure because the two guys fucking her in the pussy and the ass simply couldn’t, and wouldn’t slow down while she experienced her orgasm. She would have moaned out loud too, only the cock in her mouth wasn’t allowing anything other than spit and goo to emerge from her lips. She was breathing hard through her mouth when the first one of her guys popped his cork all over her back. She felt the stripes of hot cum slapping on her ass and her spine as he pulled himself away from her.

The release in pressure on her bottom half allowed her to concentrate a little more on her pussy and how it felt. She could feel another orgasm coming on strong as Joe’s big cock pushed into her so far she thought he might break her! He rubbed the ridge of his cock on her clit as she climaxed yet again and this time allowed herself to collapse on top of him and spit out the other cock in her mouth; she couldn’t remember who it belonged to and she didn’t really care either.

There was a swap around for a moment while she recovered herself and when she got on board again she found Joe’s cock in her mouth once more. The other guy beneath her pushed and slammed at her like a real pro and he had her boobs bouncing in his face so fast that it felt as though they weren’t connected to her at all. Just as she was about to come yet again she was shoved off the guys cock beneath her and found herself within seconds with Joe’s cock and the other guy’s pointing directly into her face. She breathed heavily and opened her mouth for the loads that were bound to appear in a matter of seconds.

Just as she lifted her hand to caress the two pairs of heavy balls in front of her she felt the first guy who has shot all over her back feeling her boobs again and entering her from behind. It felt like an endless cycle of cock and she felt amazingly horny at the thought of going through it again. Just at that point both the cocks in front of her face unloaded on her and dripped into her mouth. She spat the sticky loads back at the cock monsters in front of her and sighed her approval at the big one entering her from behind.

By the time the cock behind her was ready to cum again she has climaxed twice more, and then the other two guys were ready to go some more. That evening didn’t end until each of the guys had shot their bolt at least twice. Ruby lost count of how many times she managed to have an orgasm, but she knows that she had a wonderful time. It was always good with more than one, so Ruby and the Boys had an experience to remember.

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