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25 yrs old
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Reviews about Alitta
Overall Customer Satisfaction
By: Sean
Date of Booking: 6/5/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: As long as Alitta is working, then I'll be rebooking her again. I'm definitely a fan. It's been around 4 month's since I've booked her, but previously I've seen her a few times now and have even had the pleasure of an overnight booking, which was a birthday present to myself last year. Alitta knows how to give a good time. If you've have been fortunate to have spent time with her, you'll know! She just a way about her. She's so sexy and she wholeheartedly loves sex. To be honest, I don't believe your other girls measure up to her. Just saying.
By: Tavis
Date of Booking: 30/4/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: I would very much like to see Alitta again. She's a sweet girl, who actually does everything just right. She made me feel relax and comfortable around her. Visiting her was easy and the Uber found her place without any problems. Her place is nice, clean and up market. I was offered beverages from tea to wine, than later a shot of tequila. Kissing her felt lovely. and touching her very perfect perked boobs, made me feel so content. What a lovely pick pussy she has and when she was on all fours I had the chance to stare at her wonderful forbidden ⛔🙈. Of course I never touched just looked. 👀 Allitta on top was so nice, she is a version to behold. Most certainly I'll be wanting a second session with her. Cheers.
By: P
Date of Booking: 16/4/2024
Comments: Arrived pronto, looking like a tasty snack, actually no, looking like the whole meal. Absolutely an electric performance. Entertained me with three sets of sexy lingerie. Fun and jovial personality. Bags of energy and a total sex kitten. Cheeky little dirty talker. Delicate kisser and great eye contact. Alitta was a very good match for me. Thank you very much. I highly recommend her.
By: Amir
Date of Booking: 11/4/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: A Second Encounter with Alitta: A Review In the realm of personal services, the escort industry is one that often operates in the shadows, yet it is an industry that caters to a wide range of clientele. As a reviewer, I have had the pleasure of engaging with several escorts in London, and I must say that my second session with Alitta has only solidified my opinion that she is the best escort in the city. Alitta's professionalism and charm are immediately apparent upon meeting her. She emanates a warmth and confidence that instantly puts one at ease, making it clear that she is a seasoned professional who takes her work seriously. Her attention to detail and ability to read her client's needs are second to none, ensuring that each encounter is tailored to the individual's preferences. During our second session, Alitta once again demonstrated her exceptional skills in conversation and companionship. She is an excellent listener, able to engage in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics, while also being able to provide light-hearted banter when the situation calls for it. Her ability to adapt to the mood and atmosphere of the encounter is truly impressive, making our second session feel unique and special. In terms of physical appearance, Alitta is a stunning woman who takes great care of herself. Her beauty is not only skin-deep, but also radiates from within, as she exudes a genuine kindness and warmth that is truly captivating. Her attentiveness to her appearance and presentation is a testament to her dedication to her profession, and it is clear that she takes great pride in her work. As a frequent punter, I have had the opportunity to experience the services of several escorts in London, and I can confidently say that Alitta stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her combination of professionalism, charm, and genuine care for her clients make her the best escort in London, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a truly memorable and enjoyable experience.
By: Jack
Date of Booking: 29/3/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: To describe Alitta as simply a beautiful Italian model and companion would be grossly underwhelming. She was my muse, my companion, my Italian summer dream personified. With Alitta, every moment was a breath-taking masterpiece, each filled with captivating sexy moments. Above all that, she made me feel better.
By: Oliver
Date of Booking: 14/3/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: There was something so special about her, the way she moved, her alluring smile and captivating conversations, everything about her felt right. Her elegance was extraordinary, so is her timeless beauty.
By: Jenkins
Date of Booking: 4/3/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: 2nd session with Alitta today. Once again she did great.
By: Price
Date of Booking: 27/2/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: Alitta was keen to do the services listed on her page. Alevel was what I was looking forward to and her enthusiasm toward getting me deep inside her. It was awesome, cream pie and all. She's a little freak, "and I liked it". I wanna do it again. Totally the best experience so far. Please keep up the good work with your girls Bunny's you really have got some gems under your belt. Toshay!
By: Rolland
Date of Booking: 5/2/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: Alitta looked a million and is whitty, sweet and has a good attitude. I really enjoyed my time with her and it would be lovely to see her again.
By: Tas
Date of Booking: 20/1/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: 10/10 Alitta did a good job. I can't say enough good things about her. She was terrific.
By: Matty
Date of Booking: 14/1/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: Sweet little thing. Many thanks.

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