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Escort at Erotica

London was host to one of the most prestigious shows this year – Erotica 2010 – and there were more sex mad people under one roof than ever before in the city of London. Among these people was Jodie, a real filthy blonde escort from Knightsbridge. She’d actually gone to meet a client but was really enjoying the show and actually didn’t want to keep her meeting. The trouble was of course that the guy who booked her had seen her picture.

She wouldn’t really leave a client like that, she knew this, but all the stands were so inviting. They were filled with fetish wear, stockings and shoes, and basically everything that Jodie loved more than anything else in the world. She already looked fabulous of course, wearing a short black mini-skirt with stocking tops clearly visible to all who cared to look close enough. The beauty of meeting at Erotica 2010 was that she could wear pretty much what she wanted (or not wear as the case may be!).

She decided to do one more lap of the stands before she met her man at one of the bars in the main hall. When she finally came around to the bar she saw a man looking very nervous indeed, standing alone and staring right at her. This had to be him, she thought to herself. But then she glanced around and saw several other men staring straight at her, some of them looking nervous too; it was that kind of event she thought. She decided to take a seat and wait to be approached, she was certain that her client would know what to look for.

And sure enough, as soon as she parked her ass on a chair she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned around to be greeted by a short guy, happy looking in the face with a pair of thick rimmed spectacles on. He wasn’t stunning to look at, but that smile he was wearing turned Jodie on something awful; she was already feeling pretty horny due to her surroundings. She looked him up and down. He was wearing a pair of jeans, resting just below a clear beer belly. He has a checked shirt on and a brown blazer type jacket on the top; he looked around 40ish. Jodie contemplated standing up but then remembered that she had on some pretty wicked heels that would be sure to dwarf a guy like this; she stayed where she was.

“Hi, I’m Jason,” he said in a cheery voice, “I knew it was a good idea to hire you, you look so much better in person than you do on the gallery of the website; those pictures just don’t do you justice you know?”

“Thanks Jason,” replied Jodie. She heard this kind of thing all the time from her clients, but with Jason it actually meant something to her and she was really impressed by his compliment. “I do try to keep in shape,” she said, fishing for more compliments, happy about the way they were making her feel.

“Try?” said Jason incredulously,” you have to be kidding. To look this good must take some effort, surely?” He asked, but paused only a moment before answering his own question, “actually, looking at you I can tell that someone as naturally beautiful as you doesn’t have to try at all; in fact it’s probably more of a curse than anything else. Am I right?”

Bingo! Thought Jodie instantly. This guy could charm a sandwich from a homeless person. She stood and embraced him firmly. It was then that she realised just how small Jason was. He was pretty much in her boobs (something she was sure he wouldn’t mind) when she hugged him. She let him go and he gasped for air. Red in the face, he smiled and suggested they have a wander around the show.

Hand in hand they walked around, looking every bit as normal as everyone else there. What a wonderful place it was to meet a client, thought Jodie. She wondered where they were going to go to get down to business, because she was feeling really quite horny looking at all these people wearing next to nothing. She grabbed Jason’s hand and put it around her waist, then below her ass cheeks so he could feel them move as she walked. He caressed the tops of her stockings as they walked together and Jodie could almost feel the heat between them.

“Well I have a room at the Hilton across the road if you fancy going back there pretty soon,” said Jason abruptly. It was clear that he was getting well and truly steamed up about the prospect of having a babe this wonderful on his arm and not on the end of his cock.

“Yeah, alright, let’s just have a quick look over here alright?” asked Jodie, pointing towards a crowd of people gathered around the main stage watching some dancers in sexy underwear. She could tell that Jason wanted to get into her panties but she knew he’d love the show so she led the way.

Once seated she pushed her hand under the red cloth covered table and caressed Jason’s inner thigh while he watched the stunning women in stockings and suspenders parade up and down the stage. Within seconds she had his cock in her hand and she was very impressed with its size; for a small guy, he certainly packed a pretty powerful weapon in his pants. Without actually seeing it, her expert judgement estimated it at around eight to nine inches in length; it was a monster! She made sure that she pushed it well under the cloth so no-one could see what she was doing, but it was awfully difficult with a cock that size, particularly when it was as hard as one of the table legs.
Jason turned to look her in the eyes and she gave him her best smouldering look, a look that said “don’t say a fucking word, just sit there and let me do my job.” He did just this. He turned back to the stage, only pausing to put his arm around Jodie as she moved her hand up and down, and round and round his thick, long cock. She knew that pushing it down would be as much of a turn on as jerking it off straight up, and she applied just the right amount of pressure around the base of it to cause Jason to jerk a little in his seat as the sensations shook through him. Jodie looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching, and then quickly realised that no-one was concerned with what she was doing when there were naked people on the stage showing off their bodies with sparklers and things like that.

Taking full advantage of the situation she dropped beneath the table as though she’d lost something and hid herself beneath the cloth. She was presented with Jason’s massive meat and wasted no time in putting as much of it as she could in her mouth. She felt her man’s legs tighten as she pushed her wet lips down his shaft as far as they would go. Jodie prided herself on giving good head, and she could usually take a massive cock all the way into her mouth, proper deepthroat style, but Jason’s cock was just too big for this. She managed to suck on about half of it while she jerked the base quickly with her hand. She squeezed his cock like it was one of those ice pop things you got in the summer and you needed it to come out of its plastic cover a little more.
Jason began to shake under the table, and Jodie couldn’t help but wonder what he might look like from above in front of all those people; however he wasn’t exactly protesting about what she was doing beneath the table. He was shaking so much that she was eventually forced to take her hands away from his cock and place them flat and firmly on his thighs to hold him steady.

She could sense that he was ready to cum. She was pretty excited by this and shoved a record amount of his cock into the back of her throat just as he came. His cum shot so hard and fast into her mouth that she had no choice but to swallow it down; in fact she hardly even tasted the thick load as it slid down her throat. She pulled her head off just as she thought he’d finished and was about to put his cock back in his pants when another thick stream of cum shot out the end of it, right across her face. “Man,” she thought to herself, “how long has it been since this guy knocked one out!”

Using the cloth that was dragging on the floor she wiped her face clean and surfaced back to her chair amidst a round of applause that for a moment she thought was meant for her. She glanced at the stage and realised that the show was finishing. Then she turned to Jason and smiled, only to find him sitting there gazing into thin air as though he’d just seen a ghost in front of him. The blow job had the desired effect and Jodie felt proud with her work. She leaned forward and whispered in Jason’s ear.

“So what about that hotel room honey?”

The evening was only just beginning and the best was yet to come!

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