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29 yrs old
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Reviews about Evie
Overall Customer Satisfaction
By: Grayson
Date of Booking: 4/9/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: There was no way, I was going to let another month pass, without seeing Evie again. What an absolute dream girl. Everything she is, is correct.
By: Donkelly
Date of Booking: 23/8/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Chocolate fantasy babe. Excellent tongue action. Her snake like gyrated took me to another realm. I loved this chick. Awesome
By: Tarekdon't do the
Date of Booking: 4/8/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Please Miss, may I have some more? I think I'm fallen in love you Evie!
By: Faithfully yours
Date of Booking: 24/7/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: A poem for Evie. Love at first sight, they say it's just a tale, A myth we whisper to make our hearts sail. But when I saw her, it was different, you see, She captured my gaze and took hold of me. A beautiful black woman, like a night's embrace, Radiant and elegant, exuding such grace. Her eyes, deep as oceans, held secrets untold, And her smile, like sunlight, warmed my soul. I stood there, surprised, my heart skipped a beat, How did fate align, to bring us to meet? Every inch of her, perfect, no flaw in sight, She was my vision, my guiding light. Her laughter, like music, played in my ears, Erasing all worries and banishing fears. The sound of her voice, so sweet and pure, Spoke volumes of love that would forever endure. As the night progressed, she walked by my side, We talked, we laughed, like two souls on a ride. Her mind was a canvas, painted with passion, A perfect companion, in life's ever-changing fashion. I couldn't believe this enchanting affair, That a love so strong could instantly be there. In a world full of chaos, uncertainty, and strife, She was the tranquility, the joy in my life. And so, that night, we decided to stay, Wrapped in each other, till the break of day. Every touch, every kiss, fueled by the fire, Of love at first sight, our hearts would inspire. Surprised? Yes, indeed, but grateful I'll be, For the chance encounter that brought her to me. A beautiful black woman, who captured my heart, And from that moment on, our love would never depart.
By: Talk
Date of Booking: 8/6/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I highly recommend Evie she was so much fun today. Very attentive, passionate and professional too. Exceptional companion.
By: Miles
Date of Booking: 23/5/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: She's a super star. 10/10 Fantastic.
By: Paul
Date of Booking: 16/5/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Definitely the best call girl I have seen in London. Today was the first time I have seen Evie and it is going to be the first of many, I'm sure. So stunning, Beautiful figure, great attitude, professional. and very much into servicing me until I was totally drained. I loved everything she gave me.
By: Jaz
Date of Booking: 30/4/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I was actually let down by a different escort agency and I was thought I'd give Bunnies a try. They recommended Evie to me and after they sent me her profile link I didn't need any convincing. Her stunning selfies, lovely description and awesome reviews won me over. Evie didn't disappoint me, she was absolutely incredible. From the moment we met to the time she walk out of the door It was very good indeed. Thank you very much for introducing me to this excellent London Escort girl.
By: Paul
Date of Booking: 4/4/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I saw Evie not to long ago and she blow me away. I was really looking forward to seeing her again. I'm 52 years old and It's been a long time since I've felt butterflies. And that's exactly what I was feeling whilst I waited in my hotel suite for her to show up. When she arrived she looked phenomenal. I asked for her to wear something kinky for me. She showed up wearing long Black coat, underneath she wore a very sexy black lace bra and panties, with stocking and suspenders. Confidence was on 10. She knows what she wants, how she wants it and how she wants you to give it to her. I had sizzling hot fun with her. It topped our last meeting 3 times over. Evie is the real deal and of cause I will be seeing her again very soon.
By: Sirus
Date of Booking: 21/3/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: This is my type of girl. I think I've found the one. Evie is perfect in my eyes I'll be back very soon.
By: Peter
Date of Booking: 16/3/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I'm gonna tell everyone who wants a good escort in London to come to you guys and book EVIE. Absolutely great. Everything about her is lovely and I really got the sense that she is a true nymphomaniac. It was a real treat and I would love to see her again.
By: George
Date of Booking: 5/3/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: With all her great reviews I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. And all I can say is YES YES YES. Evie has raised the bar very high. It is going to be very hard for another escort to do better than her. EXCELLENT ALL ROUND
By: Paul
Date of Booking: 2/3/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Her chocolate brown skin glistens like she is covered in gold glitter when she sweating. And the way she moves her body when she was riding me was so beautiful. Evie to me is like my perfect fantasy. I truly am in deep with this one.
By: Steve
Date of Booking: 25/2/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I 100% will be back to see Evie. She is such a sweet and gorgeous lady. I can't believe I get to do such freaky things with her. I feel refreshed and energised after my visit. Why can't all escorts be like this.
By: Gary
Date of Booking: 21/2/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: The Jewel of Bunny's in my opinion. Simply gorgeous and amazing services. Lovely tender kisser. And a cowgirl motion like no other. Undeniably high class and experienced in what she does. Mistress of seduction and roleplay. I was blown away with Evie. She is something else. Highly recommended.
By: Josh
Date of Booking: 16/2/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Evie is even more STUNNING than her photos. Seriously sexy, hot, enticing, classy and fun. We had good report and great chemistry. She was the perfect girlfriend type. Totally worth the visit. Also very nice apartment.
By: Butch
Date of Booking: 10/2/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Wow Evie was exactly how I was hoping she would be. Beautiful face, dazzling smile and a heavenly body. Last but not least unforgettable escort services. I liked her.
By: Sal
Date of Booking: 3/2/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: The darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I'm all discombobulated over this hot exotic London Escort babe. I can't wait to see her again.
By: Ron
Date of Booking: 5/1/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Well well well what a turn up for the books. Evie was amazing tonight I had to extend my booking with her cause I literally couldn't get enough.
By: Marlon
Date of Booking: 17/12/2022
Score: 5/5
Comments: I had an amazing time with Evie she is absolutely stunning with the most incredible body. Her skin was so soft and the way she moves body against me was mesmerising. Plus her service was also intense and very passionate. Best escort in London by far. Definitely will be booking her again.
By: Travis
Date of Booking: 4/12/2022
Score: 5/5
Comments: A really hot and heavy experience with Evie. Excellent service from a very beautiful and sweet lady. Definitely one of my best finds. I will recommend her, she was hot.
By: Joe
Date of Booking: 18/11/2022
Score: 5/5
Comments: Wow Evie was great tonight. Good kisser and moved so sexy on top. She had a lovely smile and was really friendly. Highly Recommended.
By: Luke
Date of Booking: 13/11/2022
Score: 5/5
Comments: I had a fun time with Evie. She has a fantastic figure and I could tell she really enjoys HER job. Nice bubbly personality, Very SEXY KISSER.

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