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25 yrs old
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36DD, 25, 34
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Eastern European


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Reviews about Addison
Overall Customer Satisfaction
By: Kareem
Date of Booking: 30/1/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: I look forward to the next opportunity I have to experience such an unforgettable time with Addision. I highly recommend her services to those looking for a skilled massage therapist with a comforting personality and ability to create an authentic connection. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Addision truly delivers an alluring, satisfying experience that I'm finding difficult to forget.
By: Gerald
Date of Booking: 18/1/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: Addison wasn't just good to talk to, but she also shared a lot in common with me which helped build an immediate and authentic connection. In every interaction with her, the chemistry was evident, providing an intense and passionate companionship. A great pleasure indeed. Highly recommend her.
By: Leland
Date of Booking: 3/1/2024
Score: 5/5
Comments: I loved every single moment I spent with Addision. Her massage skills were simply top-notch; they made my body tingle in delight. Every touch, every movement felt magical. Her hands gliding on my body was nothing short of an intense roller coaster of passionate sex.
By: Otto
Date of Booking: 26/12/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I want to shout, scream and clap my hands for Addison's pussy. She did somethings tonight that make me can't wait to see her again. Wow!!!!
By: Parker
Date of Booking: 5/12/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Her naked body was Like OMG!!! And let's not even get started about the way her radiant skin shimmered in the dim light. Sounds weird but I swear I could see her AURA when is walked in.😛 My mind went from awestruck to breathless and my dick stay rock solid for the entire session. Addison DID THAT. It was truly something you don't get to see or feel every day. She made my heart pound with excitement and, honestly, I could almost taste the anticipation in the air.
By: Reynold
Date of Booking: 12/11/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: All in all, my experience with Addison was incredible, and I eagerly anticipate our next meeting. For those seeking a high quality, sensational model companion, I wholeheartedly recommend Addison.
By: Teddy
Date of Booking: 1/11/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Addison has magic hands, her excellent massage skills were an added luxury that relaxed and gave me the most amazing climax. She knows just how to use her hands to relieve stress. This encounter was the best so far.
By: Joe
Date of Booking: 25/10/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Addison is beautiful and her kind and warm personality adds depth to her irresistible appeal. She was attentive to my needs, ensuring my time spent was an unforgettable experience. Addison's ability to connect with me on a deep and intimate level while maintaining the respect and professionalism is truly remarkable and quite unheard of in today's world. This is the type of girl I can return to weekly. Highly recommended.
By: Roger
Date of Booking: 14/10/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: She is endowed with the kind of alluring physique that one would only imagine - a splendidly proportioned body, combined with a flawless, beautiful face. Addison possesses a shapely body with soft, perfect curves, a wonderfully slim waist and a perky, rounded butt - a sight for the most selective eyes. The mere sight of her is pure bliss, bringing pleasure to the eye and manHOOD.
By: Richard
Date of Booking: 10/10/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Our overnight session was beyond what I expected and a perfect example of how amazing an escort service can be when provided by a true professional.
By: Mecca
Date of Booking: 27/9/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Wow what can I say, Addison was great. Her body, it was nothing short of amazing. She has toned physique that showed the kind of discipline and care she has for herself. The kind of figure you could tell she put work into. However, she carried herself with a grace and confidence that was completely natural and unstudied. It wasn't just about looking good but being comfortable and confident in her own skin, and this, for me, was her most attractive quality. From start to passion finish she was perfect.
By: Nick
Date of Booking: 18/9/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Addison had this sparkling, epic personality that instantly made her feel like someone I had known for years. She was open, authentic and genuine, engaging in insightful conversations, sharing her stories, her experiences and passions. The air around her was infectious, making the entire encounter far more enjoyable than I had imagined. And if you were wondering the sex was rather XXXRated.
By: Mike
Date of Booking: 21/8/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Excellent 10/10 love it.
By: Joel
Date of Booking: 20/8/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I loved meeting with Addison. She's a great girl. Her services were 10/10. Her appearance 10/10. Attitude 10/10 and last but not least her personality is 10/10.
By: Seany
Date of Booking: 29/7/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I had such a superb experience with Addison. She's so sexy! She gave me butterflies! I'm 20 years old and I feel like, she just popped my cherry (if I had one). I think I could easily becoming infatuated with her. Young man like me, getting ready to catch some feeling, damn...
By: Eddie
Date of Booking: 24/7/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Gorgeous girl, striking features and an incredible body. Nice big, soft boobs. Sexy remembering her on all fours in front of me. She took a good seeing to.
By: Richard
Date of Booking: 18/7/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: I've had my eyes on Addison's profile for a while now. So today I decided it was her turn. I'm well endowed and if I could be so bold to say, I'm also, over average in the good looking department. So best believe she had the time of her life tonight. I gave her the wettest pussy and she knows it. Session 2 I'll be filming it for sure. She loved me! I'll let you know how it turns out next time.
By: Mark
Date of Booking: 25/6/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: If I return to Escorts for a second time, they has to be extraordinary. And in Addison's case that is what she was. She devoted all her attention to me. Plus she looked amazing and her services were great. And she wore the clothes I had requested. With all that being said, Parking was easy too.
By: Michael
Date of Booking: 17/6/2023
Score: 5/5
Comments: Very good experience with Addison. She does look like her pics and did provide the services on her page. Definitely worth booking.

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